Book Review: Essentialism

They say books give you wings to fly way beyond your time and geography. They say books allow you to live more lives than your own. They also say that books either trap you within their pages or set you free from them.


In his book Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less Greg Mckeown, produces a reading experience that can hardly take you from that time and place in which you are consuming it. But as the author articulates it, that is perhaps the single most important place to ever be in.

This book is also not about other people lives as much about your own. While it’s full of stories about contemporary figures, the author voice never stops triggering a constant observation of your own life mechanics.

This book however, can still trap you or don’t.  But chances are it will.

In times when you need to do everything. I really recommend to start reading this one.